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Just the facts ma'am - as the saying goes.
THE SUNSET STRIP - STONE LAZY album release update
If you're new to the band Sunset Strip and the album Stone Lazy here's some background.
This is the last and final testament from the 90s version of The Sunset Strip, one of the most critically acclaimed yet obscure bands of the era.
'Stone Lazy' was the album that SHOULD have come out in 1995 as the end result of the recordings that were also used for the
critically acclaimed eps 'Scrape It Out' ('92) and 'Nothing Lost Nothing Gained' ('93) - both of which are now obtainable on
bandcamp. Stone Lazy was the culmination of those sessions, expanded on everything in the earlier eps and kicked it up another notch again.
It remained unreleased as the band's label and then the band broke up. After hunting down and remastering long forgotten 4 track and studio tapes, though, 'Stone Lazy' is finally available in 2015 (it is in production now, release date TBC) .
Apart from the core members Andy Turner and Warwick Brown, and regulars Paul Ryan and Mike Glenn, the album features input from Aussie music luminaries such as Tim Hemmensley (GOD, Bored, The Powder Monkeys. In fact this may just be the last unreleased Tim material to surface), Joel Silbersher (GOD, Hoss, Tendrils, Melonman and various Tex Perkins projects), and Charlie Owens (Beasts of Bourbon, and a host of other recordings).
The album is currently in the production stage. Keep your eyes and ears open for the final release date which is currently TBC.
To check out some Sunset tunes while you're waitng go to https://soundcloud.com/the-sunsets-1
and if you'd like to purchase other Sunset releases go to

Mojo Readers and new releases

Hi to any Mojo readers who may have wandered this way after our song was included in the latest issue. This is a fairly old and outdated site and we rarely use it. In the post below are a number of other web sites you can go to to hear some sounds both old and new - yes we are still going! The facebook site has become our main site and we've also added a soundcloud page which has a nice cross section of songs. check it out http://www.soundcloud.com/the-sunsets-1

The track in Mojo was a 4 track demo which we put out as our contribution to our labels compilation Home Is Where The Floor Is.The demo was never really meant to be heard publicly but it seemed to strike a chord and became one of our most played songs.

The core of the band has always been Warwick Brown. i joined a little later (around '86) and Warwick and I have remained together ever since. We used floating lineups for live shows and recordings. The Mercy Killing demo features, on vocals Joel Silbersher (who co-wrote it). If you love aussie music you'll undoubtedly know his name from his bands God and Hoss and innumerable solo and collaborative ventures. I know he has played a few shows in London. The bass was handled by the late Tim Hemmensley (also from God and the legendary rawk steamroller that was The Powder Monkeys). Drums (which were only added later as a an afterthought in one take with one microphone) were most ably pounded by Mike Glenn (ex Hoss). The demo was made for an album we were working on from 92-95 called Stone Lazy. That album never came out and gathered dust for many a decade. I'm pleased to let you all know that it will finally come out this year. It is a double disc and has the studio version of Mercy Killing on it. If you liked Mercy you will love this album too.

We have another album and ep for sale on our bandcamp page. The album, Move Right In was described by respected music journo Ian MacFarlane in his Encyclopedia of Australian Rock as "the best album ever released on the Au Go Go label." Check it - https://thesunsetstrip.bandcamp.com/

Release updates: .

Stone Lazy. Album, Release TBC
Untitled album of entirely new 2014 material. Release TBC

As I said, if you like Mercy you will love Stone Lazy and if your preference on Stone Lazy is the quieter, almost country-psych tracks you'll equally dig the new album's material which is an extension of that approach.

Hope to have this all wrapped up without too much delay but The Sunset Strip runs on a parallel universe time piece and anything might happen. Stay tuned on the Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/thesunsetstripaustralia
Hi all. Livejournal has become a spam-fest and the interface now seems clunky and unintuitive. Much as we hate to contribute to facebooks world domination plans we've basically moved house over to there. The web site is


See you there.

News update

Hi all,

Warwick has dropped off the master disc and some raw artwork to Bevan (Death Valley Records), I have finally started some liner notes and Dubya and I will finish off the bonus disc (with new track listing) real soon.

Good lord it is moving along. We'd LOVE to do a pack that had the album as vinyl and a dbl disc of the album and a bonus disc. Ah to have the money. Hard to pay fro a minimum run of vinyl you'll only sell a third of. We're still looking at options tho.

Sunset Strip crack the Hot 100 at last

I rarely think about our first album, the self-titled 87 release(or is it 86? hard to remember). Despite some incredible highlights it was deeply flawed; a product - and victim - of various lineups, times and approaches. So it's nice to hear that this early era touched people in some way. I was contacted recently by and Italian fan called indierocker who requested mp3s of Going Home and Satisfied Mind from that album to add to his web list of hit top 100 tracks of all time. We came in at 76 and rub shoulders with some exalted company. Check it out


Translation? -

"Let's get on with the best songs ever. We were stuck at number 75 (here the first 70 ranks). So, Best song ever, #76:the sunset strip - going home (mp3) ...in 1986 your Indierocker, at that time a yoooooung rocker, was stunned by the debut album of an Australian band, the Sunset Strip. The record had seven songs, going from the alcoholic pop song "morning comes", to the depraved blues "the rising wind" (over 12 minutes - does anybody still play such long songs?). And, after a careful re listening these days, i was undecided between "satisfied mind" and this here "going home"....vocals broken from too many late nights at the bar... PS: since i have this record only on vinyl (very rare!), and i wanted to post it, i surfed the internet, and found the website of the band, still active. So i asked Andy for the mp3, ...and there you go!"
The Melbourne music scene in the 80s-90s was a mighty fertile period for music, particularly if you loved your guitars loud proud and distorted. A lot of material from the era is long deleted (original My Pal 7" went for $125 on ebay recently) though it's starting to trickle out on Best Ofs and comps (Dave Laing,s Do The Pop comps are a good example).

Last week I came across a site that is probably well know to lots of you but was new to me. DemoGate Drive is a web based se4rvice for finding and auctioning hard-to-get aussie classics and I'd visited it but never dug down to its sub-pages. When i found the page:


I had my tiny mind blown! It's a motherlode of little known or never before released demos, live tracks and rarities available for free download. How about a full, never before released God gig from 89? Or the legendary and long unavailable Bored release Get off My Wah Wah? Look, that's the tip of the iceberg. Get to it now and check out the long list of aussie classic bands.

I've been in contact with Matt from the site and will get some Sunsets live stuff up there asap.



Sunset player Paul Ryan's music

New tracks and photos

Hi all, I've just put up some new tracks and photos on the band's myspace site:


One track is another preview from the Stone Lazy album called I Don't Believe. It's a HUGE track of Warwick's. It's much in the vein of Nothing Lost Nothing Gained but with a long acoustic outro that represents more of the Stone Lazy influence.

Of real interest to the history buffs amongst you, especially those with a particular interset in the history of the Geelong music scene, I've put up two tracks from a 1983 live gig by Behind The Magnolia Curtain. This is the first incarnation of the band, the one that never recorded and only played in Melbourne once. This is the lineup that terrorised Geelong at the notorious Metro Cafe gigs. Check out the story:


The new photos are from Magnolia and the early Sunsets lineup with Paul on bass playing at The Prince in around 1988


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